Flom HPLC and UHPLC Valves, Pumps and Degassers

  • Flom has been manufacturing HPLC components since 1990.
  • Knowledgeable customer-support team in San Diego, California.
  • All HPLC products are made in Japan.
  • Flom focuses on customers’ needs. If you need a customer design on a particular HPLC or UHPLC component, we are happy to start the discussion.
Flom carries various HPLC and UHPLC products. Here are highlights.

All New Degassers: Flom has just released all new AG and BG Degasser series in Nov 2012. Both models carry the diaphragm pumps for the vacuum pump. Vacuum power is adjustable on BG models. AG models are designed great for cost saving. Works for HPLC, UHPLC and flow chemistry.

HPLC Pumps: All Flom pumps are compact design. It is also designed for very low pulsation that works best for both the HPLC main pump and post column reactor pumps. Easy to maintain with all front access structure for the piston and seals. Those also work for flow chemistry.

UHPLC & HPLC Valves: Flom carries manual valves, auto valves for either switching or injection with up to 18,000 PSI rating for HPLC and UHPLC. For low to high pressure applications, we have a variety of HPLC valves from 2900 to 5000 PSI.

This site is owned by Flom USA. We are a distributor of Flom Co. Ltd., in Japan. The company name of “FLOM” is derived from the combination of “flow” and the letter “M” which stands for mechatronics. The O and M in the Flom logo represent the ball and valve seat inside check valves. FLOM Co., Ltd. was founded in October 1990.